Frequently Asked Questions

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To become a member, you just need to buy a Membership Card (worth 1000Php) from any of our accredited distributors. The list can be found here ( After payment has been made, you will receive a Card number and PIN that you will use to register and log in to your account. Once you have logged in, you may edit your account details and start taking the Diagnostic Exam. Your distributor can also assist you in setting up your account.

You can buy your Membership Card from any of our accredited distributors. The list can be found here( Payment can be made through cash or bank deposit.

Unfortunately, we do not accept credit card or Paypal payments as of the moment. Your options are to pay through cash or bank deposit.

If you are on board, you can still become a member of Maritime e-Learner. You can ask a friend or family member to make the transaction for you. Once payment is confirmed, your distributor will send you the Membership Card details through e-mail. In case you need assistance in creating your account, you may send a message to Maritime e-Learner on Facebook for immediate response.

Diagnostic exam questions are generic questions covering all competencies included in the MARINA’s NACSS, while PASADO questions are from the ones that MARINA published on its website. The Diagnostic Exam is designed to test your current knowledge and to condition the mind to analyze and answer questions. This prepares you for PASADO, which is ideally taken 1-2 weeks before the actual exam.

If you already have your exam permit and are taking your exam in the next 2 weeks, you are qualified to take PASADO.

Yes, the questions in PASADO are taken from the questions that MARINA published.

Membership will cost you 1000 Php, while access to PASADO costs 1 peso/test question. To achieve optimum results, we strongly recommend 5000Php worth of PASADO load. The total cost will then be around Php6000 only!

Just register your interest on the website or send an e-mail to